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Police and Firefighter Association Endorsement




Pushed for the city’s first Forensic audit, which identified $1.6 million in questionable awarded funds. As a result of the audit, we hired a purchasing agent and revised several policies and processes. 

Coordinated a comprehensive plan for the city’s retail and housing future. Forney has operated without a viable roadmap for years. Now we have clear direction on the way forward. 

Hired a new City Manager, Charles Daniels, who has restored confidence and stabilized the city for future growth. 


Hired a new Economic Development Director. Under the direction of Lynn Spencer, Forney remains competitive for nationally leading retail chains and family entertainment venues. Stay tuned for BIG announcements in the coming months. 


Separated the Economic Development Corporation from the city to allow them more operational flexibility. 


Installed an Outdoor Warning System to address resident concerns about having a digital-only alert system. We now have both a digital and physical alarm system built with updated technology. 


Made the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds available to small businesses and residents in need. To ensure transparency, we coordinated a city-wide survey of how to best spend those funds. 


Remained committed partners with the Forney Independent School District to facilitate expansion plans and address explosive attendance growth. 

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I’m the firstborn son of Eulalia and James Roberson, from the Houston area. Growing up, my parents poured everything they had into me. They set an example for humility, service and perseverance. I stayed active with church, youth sports, band, and a host of great friends. 

I met Takisha — originally from Fort Worth — during my undergraduate studies at the University of North Texas. More than 20 years ago, we were both journalism students and active members in the student chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists. We fell in love during a school trip to Seattle, Wash. As soon as we flew back to Texas, we started dating.

Shortly after graduating, we got married and moved to Dayton, Ohio, where I worked for the Dayton Daily News and Takisha became a radio personality and TV news reporter. Then we moved to Detroit, Mich., where I worked as a business reporter for the Detroit Free Press and Takisha worked as a TV reporter for WXYZ television station. After growing tired of the snow, we decided to move back to Texas and start our family in Kaufman County.  

I worked as a business reporter for the Dallas Morning News and Takisha transitioned into the world’s most loving and patient mother. Over the years, I’ve changed jobs but I’ve always stayed in the communications industry. 

Today I have three main sources of income: Global director of public relations for a software company; Ghostwriter of non-fiction books; and Co-founder and President of a small marketing agency. For her part, Takisha is a substitute teacher in Forney I.S.D., photographer, and the glue that keeps our little family together. 

To be perfectly honest, one of the greatest challenges Takisha and I have today is in teaching our kids to be confident, independent thinkers. We work tirelessly to keep them busy with church and school activities, from cheerleading and basketball to Boy Scouts and cross country running. We still try to have dinner together every night; pizza on Fridays is mandatory!

My personal belief is that a breakdown of the family structure is one of the core problems with our world today. When we lose our ability to communicate with our own family, it has a direct impact on the world around us. For the past 15 years, we’ve been active members of the Greenville Avenue Church of Christ.

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For those of you who know me,
but not the city we call home …

Forney, Texas — conveniently located in the eastern corridor of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex along U.S. Highway 80 — is the largest city in Kaufman County, the nation’s fastest growing county, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. We saw an 18 percent population increase from 2019 and 2021, the largest of seven Dallas-Fort Worth area counties.

Our Forney trade area population includes 105,000 people and is expected to jump to 145,035 people by 2026, according to statistics from the Forney Economic Development Corporation.  

This unprecedented growth is clearly seen with our student enrollment in Forney ISD. The school district is projecting a staggering 35,000 students by 2031, according to a leading demographer who used housing starts for calculations. We’re averaging 2,000 new students each year for the next 10 years. 

Takisha and I moved to Kaufman County when our son was a toddler; now he’s a 15-year-old high school student and will be driving soon! While the area’s growth is exciting, we chose to live in Forney because the people are genuine and it’s an inviting place to keep our core family values.

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In The News




Election Day



City elections are held every May. In odd numbered years, Places 2, 4, 6 and the Mayor positions are up for election. In even numbered years, Places 1, 3 and 5 positions are up for election. The City Charter, Article V  sets out the provisions for filing for office.  City Council members are elected for staggered 2-year terms.  


Place Numbers

While the City Council is elected by place number, the number is for candidacy purposes only and each member represents the entire population of Forney.  


Election Day

This year, the election will take place on Saturday, May 6, 2023. Early voting starts on April 24, 2023. Registered voters in Kaufman County may vote at any location from 7:00 a.m.
to 7:00 p.m.




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